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Topic a Day for November 8: How OldBittyGrandma Inspired Me to Take 3 to Level 2


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I’ve been considering sharing this story with you all, and then today OldBittyGrandma got SuperSeller! (woo hoo)…and that synched it.

Jo, as she is called, has this delightfully abundance minded habit of promoting other Fiverr Sellers on Fiverr. And, because my gigs tend to be in the business/marketing space, often there is “more to do” after I do something for someone. This is not so much the case with an autoresponder email writing, as most people ordering that have an autoresponder tool. But very often with the PR they might need a writer to do a bio or Q and A sheet. (Two things I do not offer).

So, I’ve taken to testing sellers on fiverr and then promoting them to my buyers when I deliver.

I’ve already taken 2 people to level 2 and I’m working on the 3rd.

So the question is this: Who else can YOU promote AFTER someone comes to you?

Say you’re a Facebook “likes” seller. Could you promote a “Facebook” timeline designer? Or a blog/social media post writer to give them more content on their fan page?

Say you’re an artist who makes an original piece in your own style… Can you promote someone who will make an image animation collage?

If everyone …promoted one, our sales would double over time.

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Guest tn5rr2012

You have given me something to think about and when I come back from the long weekend I am going to implement some of the ideas including yours to my family tree gig

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