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Things that you should follow before asking, How to get Order?


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Hello my dear,

I am a new seller. I want to

Work this marketplace professionally. I am a

Graphic designer and Photo Editor more than 7 years experience in this field. How to create a perfect gig?please tell me everyone. I am waiting for your response.


Best regards


Hello dear,

Make a professional gig is not a big task as such, just add multiple packages and everything in details in description. Use common search tags as I mentioned in my post also use the eye-catching images as a cover photo.

You can visit multiple gigs and can get some ideas, but yes visit the gigs for only getting ideas not for copy paste purpose. Try to come up with your own expertise and uniqueness, hope you will receive your order soon and will make a market place here.

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How to get orders.i want to know.

Dear, this post is specially for you 🙂

I checked your profile and I haven’t see anything in your profile. I think you haven’t created any gig?

First, please follow the above mentioned basic instructions and hope you will receive your first order soon.

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I have followed them all but to no avail :thinking:

Dear, I checked your profile and I hope you have followed all the instructions as you say but one point in the very last I mentioned you are not following, Stay motivated as no on can get a profit in one or two months in any business. And you are here from last only 2 and a half month as it is showing in your profile. Still you are done with one order.

I suggest you to check buyers request frequently and refresh you gigs on daily basis. Give some time here and you will receive a good response.

Its only 2 months so please be motivated!

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Hello all, specially newbies!

Hope you all are doing good.

Well, as being a member of fiverr from last more than 2 years, I faced alot of things and got alot of experience and being a member of this platform fiverr forum I see many open topics specially from newbies asking only thing How to get order?

As being a responsible member or to maintain my trust on others on this forum I replied on many topics, help others in many ways which are possible from my side. But reading alot of questions on same topic, I conclude that there are few tips that I have to share separately instead of giving reply on all the post or the things that you should follow before posting a topic related to how to get order as I see in almost all the topics, people are asking how to get but haven’t implement any of the thing from the following which are so important specially for newbie and much common for the one who is aware with all that.

Please go through the following tips as these are the most important for those who are asking how to get first order or since (this month) haven’t receive any order etc etc.

1- First, and the most childish act which many of you are doing and asking for reviewing your profile,

Description on your profile means, a brief description of what you are and why you are here and what you will do or give to your client.

It doesn’t mean you start writing I am new here and want some work and I will do in free of cost etc etc as I see many newbies are doing this childish acts which is totally wrong and give a bad impact on buyers. So, use this description option to show yourself, not for begging purpose.

2- At No Level fiverr allow to make 5 gigs, so create all 5 gigs even if you have same category.

3- Place a cover photo “eye catching” which can grab the people’s attention easily. Gig covers are the best thing to grab some one’s attention so never try to copy covers from others, always try to come up with something unique.

4- Don’t copy the material from other gigs (specially pictures in graphics designing gigs).

May be this is common for you but buyers notice this alot if you are copying data while creating a gig then how less percent chances there will be that you will deliver something unique.So, try to come up with unique ideas .

5- Just mention the things in your gigs which you can do easily (be HONEST, don’t mention more than your expertise).

6- Use common search tags while creating a gigs. Don’t use unique keywords, because search tags are the most important thing as buyers use the search tags while searching for gigs.

7- As a beginner, start your gig packages with a less amount as this time you have to gain the buyer’s trust. So try to provide your service in a discounted price.

Less amount never means you start offering all the services in 5$, you have to check the market value by visiting multiple gigs, just try to offer little less amount than others.

8- Refresh your gigs on daily basis.

9- Check Buyers Requests frequently.

10- Also, you can share your gig link on social sites like linkedin, facebook pages etc. It can also help you.

All the above points are the most common and important that you should follow before asking for how to get order. These are things I noticed, from the very start nothing is implemented in the profile and in gigs but sellers are pretending like they did alot of efforts but not receiving any order.

After all of this, one thing which is the most important and that is Time. Keep this thing in your mind freelancing is not that easy as you think. You have to give alot of time, you have to gain alot of trust and also you have to wait alot too.

In no any business, no one start getting profit after a month or two. Struggle is the most important thing, indeed. And it is your business, so you have to be motivated, always!

I’m sure, after following all the above points you will receive your order soon. And, after receiving your order, try to give your best to your client, try to do some chit chat with your client to gain his trust, ask everything in detail and deliver your best as much as possible. Because, first review on your profile will be the first impression of your profile.

In the end, I wish you all a very best of luck and yes, Thanks alot for reading this post.

Always be motivated, Never lose Hopes!

Best regards,


8- Refresh your gigs on daily basis.

What do you mean by “refresh”? Because if you mean ‘edit’, than I have to disagree. Editing should be done as little as possible, and as much as needed.

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