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My first sale


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To be honest, when I started coming on Fiverr.com I wasn’t sure whether it would work or not, but even though it has been hard for me past the couple of days to promote myself, to suck it up and to actually try and do something in order to help my gigs sell. I felt bad that I didn’t have any orders but then I started searching around in order to see how you could help sell your gigs, and the advice that was posted actually worked. I cannot tell you how excited I was when the first order came through. But before I even discuss about that, let me tell you what I did in order to get this order, and why you should definitely not be discouraged by the slow start.

When people say that it’s all about marketing, they mean it. All that matters at the beginning is to get your work out there and to not stop or feel bad about the beginning, it’s normal. Who would a customer trust most? Someone that is new, has no orders and probably no video or someone that has been around for a long while and has a 5 star rating? Yeah, I think you can depict the answer yourself. So, how do you get your work out there? You join facebook groups that are for fiverr and then you share your work on them, but without forgetting about twitter and pinterest. Those will actually help quite a lot.

Except the fact that the marketing has to be done in order to get people to look at your page, you want the page to be attractive. I would suggest uploading a video if you have a camera, but if you can’t upload a video, make the most of the description. Let the reader actually feel who you are and how you are through the description, make them trust you with the new and innovative product that you are trying to sale. In order to put it in a far more “raw” way : Get his trust and get his money.

Tags… oh the tags! That’s the way to actually get people that wander around fiverr looking for a product find you. So, imagine what you are going to do and search for similar top products, look at their tags and make yours almost the same, put your own spin on it and make a mix of most in order to make sure that people will notice you. It will give you an example on how to tag things, which helps quite a lot on this website.

And now, here I am, talking about my first sell. Finally, right?( Ha ha ). This is really just to show new people that they don’t have to feel discouraged about how the business starts, and you’d rather listen to me than to someone that is level 2, because you simply can’t imagine how they could do that, right? Yes, I know, I was there, completely down because of it. But now, it’s different, and let me tell you why. My first customer, and so far the only one, was on my gig of recording a message in sign language. When I saw that someone actually wanted to get one of the things that I was offering, I WAS EXCITED! I was happy! It made me feel responsible, like I had a duty. But that wasn’t all, I also gave it my best in order to deliver the neatest and cleanest product I could deliver to him; and he helped a lot. I was lucky, my first customer was communicate, helpful and overall a nice customer, and after I finished my first sale and it was said that it was completed, I was basically in cloud nine.

So what I am trying to say here is : New members, don’t get discouraged. We all have a learning curve, an evolution curve. Think about it likes this. There is the low, middle and the high, meaning the orders. Everyone’s curve is the same length, so if you haven’t got any orders yet, that just means that after you correct everything by searching this forum, you will explode with orders! I wish you the best of luck!

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