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New SEO strategies for 2014 [ARCHIVED]


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It has been an incredibly eventful year the 2013 in terms of updates from Google. Major 2013 changes included further releases of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird taking flight, and the shift away from providing keyword data thanks to encrypted search.
Thanks to Google itself and lots of terribly good researchers, we all know lots regarding Google’s search formula. However, Google reveals what it needs search marketers to understand and keeps the rest confidential. In reality, everything that happens between submitting a query and seeing the search results is a black whole.
Many have gone so far as to ask whether SEO as a profession is dead. Google has taken major spam-fighting steps that have shifted the playing field for SEO professionals and anyone trying to get their site on the map in the year ahead.
To do SEO in 2014 – Google-compliant, whitehat SEO – digital marketers must seamlessly integrate search strategy into other aspects of digital marketing. It’s a more complicated business than traditional SEO, but offers a more varied and interesting challenge, too.
2014 will be the year of mobile SEO. Hummingbird was just the very small visible tip of a very large iceberg as Google struggles to respond to the rapidly shifting landscape where half of all Americans own smartphones and at least one-third own tablets. Those statistics will probably shift upward, maybe dramatically, after the 2013 holiday season.
As a result, your site’s mobile performance matters to your SEO rankings. Properties that you’re trying to rank need to be designed first for mobile and then scaled up for the big screen. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website, this needs to be your top priority in terms of SEO and design investments for 2014. But we’ll talk about that in our next posts
2014 seo strategy
How are going to look your SEO strategies for 2014?
From an SEO’s point of view, we’re interested in content and authority, so:
1 Focus on your Content
In 2014 Google will be looking at companies that have robust content marketing efforts as a sign that they’re the kind of business Google wants to support.
First of all, unless your business is a massive enterprise or media site, all pages should be accessible within four clicks from the homepage
Another popular SEO content strategy is to write a tent pole page for a key word or phrase, then publish additional content that links to the tent pole page with optimized anchor text. While this can still be effective, be certain each page of supporting content focuses on its own unique concept.Google will be looking at companies that have robust content marketing efforts as a sign that they’re the kind of business Google wants to support.
A lot of sites, especially enterprise websites, use shorthand that emphasizes keywords in titles and headlines, not phrasing. Test more complete titles to see if it increases traffic. Abbreviated phrasing, popular among websites, may become a hindrance to search engines’ growing ability to process natural language.
Here are a few common punctuation errors to look out for with your website’s content.

  1. !!!–Nothing is so exciting that it requires multiple exclamation points. In fact, your website may be better served without having any exclamation points in the web content. It’s the difference between sounding like an overexcited teenager, and like a serious online business.
  2. Apostrophes.–The difference between it’s and its is fairly important. One mean’s “it is” and the other is a possessive. For example– “It’s a lovely day.” v. “Its a lovely day.” The first is correct, because it says “It is a lovely day.”
  3. Semicolons–The rule of thumb is, if you don’t know how to use these—don’t. Nobody’s impressed by a semicolon so don’t risk your SEO or the quality of your web content by trying to get fancy for no reason. If your heart is set on a semicolon, however, please consult a grammar guide.
  4. Ellipses–These are the “…” that are used to shorten a long sentence so you can get to the point sooner, by glossing over some fine, non-crucial details. You cannot, ever, use ellipses to change a sentence, especially a quote. Generally speaking, for SEM, it might not be necessary to use these, unless there is some definite style purpose.
    2 Authority
    Links continue to reign supreme as the ultimate SEO authority signal. Over the last three years, both search engines and SEO professionals have said a lot about social media authority signals. While social is important and the search engines are moving in this direction, it’s failed to achieve its promise. Google’s speakers seem to have retreated from their initial enthusiasm. It appears things aren’t progressing as well as the search engines would like, but a strong social media presence on the major sites (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube) will continue to make sense for your business
    Enroll on smaller networks and niche sites, too, if you can reach target audiences with them. However, do not substitute social media for link building. Don’t assume tweets and likes means backlinks. Most social media participants are not content publishers.
    Make sure you put an intentional link-building program in place. As Google evolves we must evolve and with it so must our link building practices.
    Poor Content
    The first one is poor content. With almost 4k clients I know that spinning content properly takes time and is tedious, but it is essential for success. I never use autogenerated content that in the end has no effect
    If you take short cuts here you are going to waste all of your time.
    Poor Target Site List
    It is critical that you spend time scraping your own target list of sites. Once you have done that you need to continually maintain that list, adding new sites, removing low quality/deindexed ones and so forth.
    It’s amazing how many people don’t bother with this but it is essential.
    Focusing Purely On Tiered Link Building
    Link building is much more effective when used in conjunction with other link building tactics.
    A lot of my clients seem to be doing just tiered stuff and nothing else. And this is WRONG
    You need to mix things and keep everything random: a good page for example could be 100 times more effective than 200 backlinks. I always reccomend my clients a meta analysys of their web pages but other than what I do, less than 1% of them will continue to monitor their contens over a long period of time even if I show them how to do it, specially after they see the first results in rankings.
    SEO is no longer all about the links. In fact SEO has changed so much it’s hard to call it SEO anymore, now when we talk about SEO we talk about content, social, analytics, user experience & marketing. You need to build a site that actually engages people and provides value in some way.
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Guest mcromano

This is very interesting, I’ll ruminate over this for quite a bit, thinking over what you said.

It was very informative and well written.

Do you happen to have a blog or something similar, by any chance?

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Thanks for sharing the new SEO strategies for 2014. I agree by seeing the regular updates from major search engines it is necessary to work according to these strategies in achieving higher ranking on result pages. Even it is more important to find genuine SEO companies like Linkshake.co.il that make their work plan according to recent updates and put their efficient effort in achieving best results. In 2014 more focus is given on ethical link building, social media signals and content quality.

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Guest shadia55

great Strategy, we should update our strategies in closing times.

i also made my new strategy about off page seo, i depend on blogs and forums with high page rank. not just that but also pr will be on the pages i’ll put the anchor texts on . i think it will be soooo great and strong strategy.

also i collected edu&gov domains , that will strengthen the sites too much.

by the way this is one of my gigs on fiverr , what do u think about it?

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Reply to @rambabuseo12: thats it , white hat is only way.

people think spaming creating 1000000000000000000000000 links is good way to make site popular

most of the sellers that offer seo are jokers , have of them i bumped into just to test them out ended saying tut tut tut having no clue what i said because they know nothing but spam using blackhat forum tools

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Next year will also be interesting. Don’t rely on “backlinks” to drive traffic to your website as this method is slowly being phased out. You’ll have to figure out for yourself how your website will be found in future. A dot com, dot net, dot org and others will be of no value in future as things continue to change.

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