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* Description contains illegal characters error


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hi, I wanted to put up my first gig/

here’s the description for it:

Realized that you need a landing page to catch leads but you don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars for it?

I’m Itay, I do professional copy-writing and landing pages that convert

For 50, I will write a converting landing page that will capture leads for any business. I’ve been doing this for myself and my clients for more than a year. I’m using landing page formats that have a conversion rate of more than 75%.

What I will deliver for you:

A professional converting landing page

A thank you page

Pixel installation

For the basic package, these elements will not be included:


A b tests


I will need a general background of your business, some facts and the most relevant audience for this landing page.

E.g an avatar or persona

(without it i can’t make the landing page!)

That’s about it, I can continue talking about myself making landing page but it won’t get you more clients, ordering my service will!

and I seem to get an illegal characters error…

does someone know why?

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That description looks okay. If you have any extras you could check if there’s an invalid character in there (eg. name of the extras).
You could screenshot the screen with an error (that might show the character that isn’t getting displayed here).
If you can’t get it fixed on this thread you could contact CS and ask them.

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I’ve made the experience that even if the error tells you it’s the description, it can be anywhere, including extras and the short package descriptions (perhaps “description” here stands for “the whole thing”, or it could be length even though it said illegal (LOL) characters. I could always solve it in the end but sometimes it took quite a while of trial and error…

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