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After 1 Order cancellation


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After 1 Order cancellation

I did an one cancelation in 21 of january beacuse of client changed 3,4 times storyline.Afterthat
My Order Completion was 95percentage.it is very fair thing no problem but i see my Order Completion down 95-90percentage today.i have little problem i did one cancelation only.why do yu reduce point one by one.I think after 60days it will be 40 percentage.I know yur rules and conditions but sometimes it is little unfair.i do not cancel every order.i did one beacuse of client’s behaviour.I tell fiverr team
INTODUCE NEW RULE- 1 order cancellation=5points reduce only.I love fiverr toomuch beacuse this is my main income.Fiverr is most good website than others.if yu can give little favour for artists.I am an new comer for fiverr forum.Thanks for this platform

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