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Buyer request me to cancel the order


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Hello please read my post and suggest me what can i do. A buyer placed order of 100$ I read description and provided all work as per buyer request and delivered source file’s. I was send him half design for confirmation then he said " I’m loving it" but now he is asking for cancellation after receiving source files and reason is that his wife not satisfy with the final design that’s why he want to cancel the order and the other thing is that if i accept his cancellation request then my order completion rate goes down and my gig is also goes out of searched pages so what is my fault ?
I talk to him very politely to give me reason of cancellation but buyer want to cancel order.
I also forward this case to fiverr help center and reply is that :-

Hello there,
I know how frustrating might get when buyers are difficult to satisfy. 😕

Upon the review of your order, I have noticed that your buyer is not very satisfied with the order. Also, they seem not to want to ask for more revisions.

At this point, I could not see the reason that would make this order eligible for cancellation but as you are probably aware, nobody can push a buyer into accepting a material they are not completely satisfied with.

I understand that you had spent significant time on this order and personally, it really bothers me when I see that buyers turn out to be unsatisfied to the point that they want a refund. 😕 I am sure you understand that these situations are unpredictable and nobody in Fiverr likes to face them.

For now, I suggest that you offer another revision to your buyer and please do not accept the cancellation if you do not wish to cancel and let us hope that they would come around and let you finish the order up to their expectations.

You may feel free to keep me posted on how the issue develops if that would make you feel more secure about this.

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