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Physical shipping price of only $10


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One and a half years ago I started selling origami services on Fiverr. I make DIY videos, but I make and ship origami figures as well. I’m noticing an increase of sales as time goes by, for videos as well as physical origami models. For the physical sending of things I’m noticing a slight ‘problem’.

On Fiverr a seller can charge a shipping fee for a maximum of $10. As you can imagine, a shipping fee for $10 to send a model from the Netherlands to America is practically nothing. I’m forced to make custom offers for clients. Now, this is not much of a problem, but customers can not (they could, but I’d rather not) order a Gig without a custom offer. Fiverr has no options for a higher shipping fee and this makes things difficult for me. Not to mention that Fiverr takes 20% of the shipping fee as well (this is not that big of a problem, since I implement the 20% in the shipping price itself).

So far I’ve had 44 orders, all practically custom offers. To be honest, everything is going quite well with only doing custom offers, but I’d love to have more options for physical shipping.

I know Fiverr is more of a digital service platform, but I see quite some potential for sellers who would like to sell physical products on this platform as well.

I’m wondering if other sellers see potential in this as well. Instead of a maximum of $10 for shipping, I think sellers should have the option to choose a shipping fee from $1 to $100 (I’ve had a customer already who wanted priority shipping of $55). I think for me and for other sellers a change in the shipping option would help out a lot.

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Guest humanissocial

Fiverr could maybe give sellers the option for sellers to implement a shipping fee per country, or at least let sellersincrease the shipping costs above $10.

That doesn’t answer my question.

I’m talking about the possibility of vetting/proving work. Shipping fees have nothing to do with that.

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