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First Big order cleared Its a good day!


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I have been active on fiverr for around 2 months but made an account some 4 months back. I started getting orders as soon as I redid my gigs and introduced something which brings in value. I work as a full time architect and have a travel blog. I started working on fiverr to fund my travels. (We are going to Sri Lanka in 2 weeks)

I have seen orders grow and have a few clients who come back whenever they have more work. I think I have worked majorly for 4-5 people and each have ordered around 7-8 gigs. This makes me so happy. In real life profession we value returning clients and today my first ever buyer on Fiverr marked my first 100$ gig as complete.

Yup I made 80$ today from one person and it feels great for someone who started off recently.

My gigs are not something everyone will need everyday. I just wanted to share my tiny story and hope that it helps those who are starting off.

I have had one cancellation till date (a few days ago) When the buyer misunderstood the number of gigs I had asked him to buy and then said he did not find the prices competitive. It is because of the community here that I knew that it was not fair to others if I do the job at the price he wanted.

Thanks all for being a great support and source of information.

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Congrats to you! It’s incredible how many buyers will take advantage of Gig Extras. It’s actually become rare for me to get a plain ol’ $5 order these days. If you can make $80/day, that’s incredibly impressive for something you can do in your pajamas!

PS: I also recently had a “good day” http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/21778/today-was-a-good-day

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Congrats and continued luck in the future.

Also , like @sucantare said - very rare do I get the plain ol’ $5 gig order.

Although I welcome them when I do, because that is ‘quick’ money. However, the gig extras are really something special and allow for some ‘real’ income to be made.

I love watching my ‘funds cleared’ column rise every day.

Looks like you’ll be experiencing that sooner than later, too!


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