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Just Starting Out. Review my Gig?


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I will draw a caricature of you or a character of your choice…

I would recommend having an example of a side-by-side original photo and a caricature. As it is, you only have examples of cartoon busts. (The two Scooby-Doo images could be edited into one sample image, so as to open a slot for a third image.)

Always check your gig thumbnails from your profile. Fiverr tends to crop them funny, and this is usually the first thing people will see.

Your profile states that you’re only fluent in English, but I suspect it’s your native tongue. That said, there’re a few spots where I would recommend different word choice (Profile description: “While I’m not…” might be clearer as “When I’m not”) but for the most part, everything is very readable.

Also, you might want to create a method for people to submit images. (Requirements for orders, last pages of edits.)

Also, what if someone whats a black-and-white or just line-art? Consider adding a FAQ to explain why you don’t offer, or that people can contact you directly so you can create a custom offer for them.

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Thank you for the comment, I greatly appreciate it! I’ll look into make my gig as well as my profile the best it can be. My only question is, Would you happen to know where I can find the dimmensions of Fiverr’s thumbnails?

Hope you have a nice day/evening/night!

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Thumbnails are 225x135 pixles WxH, near as I can tell, and as it appears in the gig, 707x410. I don’t think these scale to the exact ratio, so keep that in mind. I also don’t know if it differs in the mobile, or in other browsers (I’m using Chrome). I don’t know where to look to verify either. :woman_shrugging:

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