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Tired after revision


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You probably havent read the fiver tips.
Don’t take to much orders, if you are not able to them perfect on your skills provided.
You overloaded yourself, you can’t deliver high quality, customers not getting orders in time, they get bad experience about fiverr as a platform, they go away.
So because of not knowing your limits, you break the rating of fiver.

Please don’t say you are to tired after 2 orders, I did 5 Video edits, not even a simple one in 24 hours. 14h of straight editing. And i managed that, i took my fulll responsibility for taking that many orders.

So please be kind to all our community and finnish the work what you offer.
If you felt like tired after it, why you didnt put overbook? Thats why that section is meant to be.

Also there is order limits on each gig , to make you aviable only for those ammounts of work.

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