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How to present my gig better?


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Hi, I’m a 3D modeler/coder but recently I got interested in training AI to reconstruct photos and restore details.
As you can see in this comparison photo the before and after are much different and the results are impressive.

Compare800×480 149 KB

So much lost detail has been restored and the image is now in much better quality. Its great for restoring old photos but I have a problem presenting the gig. How to show the difference without using fake images?
If I use the real before and after images to present the gig, the gig image is so small that the difference is not visible. Current gig images: https://www.fiverr.com/josip_kladaric/enhance-a-photo-and-increase-its-resolution
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I think its actually presented really well. Maybe talk a little bit more about the process or add in the right search tags.
If you’re wondering why you’re not getting enough sales maybe this article will help

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