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Please get us Feature to do Voice and Video Calls in the Fiverr chat

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I can triple my business if I am on voice or video with Client - hence means more business for Fiverr too?

I am pretty sure there are tons of sellers who would love to have this feature set.

Voice Call
Voice Notes
Video Calls
Video Notes.
Slide / Draw / Sketch.

I don’t know whats the road map for Fiverr’s upgrades - but i am 100% sure these features will enhance the business across the Fiverr for itself and sellers.

some of my premium deliveries are so hard to be explain in typing’s of over 100000 words - on call /video i can do much better job explaining and upselling.


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Guest humanissocial

Yes, I have the same thoughts on this. fiverr need to provide video and audio calls because lots of buyers are preferring it if fiverr include this feature it, it will be easier for buyer and seller to communicate

Lots of bad buyers prefer it because they are too lazy to write out a scope and want you to do it for them, without paying you for that time or work.

This is not someone you want to work with anyway. Entitled and lazy.

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