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I have no any order. How to get first order on fiverr?


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Hi Kamruzzaman,

First, realise 328 people have saved your profile so that they can revisit it. That is a lot of people! So you have good products but you need to do some work to get the ‘interest level’ to convert into sales. Something small is stopping these people from ordering.

Here are some things I recommend as a strategic marketer:

  • in your image gallery, (e.g. for the business cards product) show close-ups of several business card designs, with good, clear images. Try to show designs singly and do not create a cluttered image with varied merchandise. We need to see fonts and logos up close as it is the designs you’re selling. The ones you show just now are not clear enough. As a buyer of business stationery, I would like to see several up close and with immaculate photography;

  • the same applies to other products. If necessary, create a pdf that includes your entire portfolio and mention this pdf in your write-up so clients can see the full “brochure” of your quality services;

  • remove ‘I am online 24/7’ and remove ‘response in 5 minutes’. These make you sound over-keen. Professionals are not always available–good clients will allow you time to respond;

  • remove multiple exclamation marks from your ‘have a nice day’!!! These are not professional;

  • state in your written profile that all designs shown are ones you have created yourself. This may seem obvious, but on here, it’s not! Many people use photos they picked off Google. Ha…

  • remove ‘unlimited revisions’ as this will only attract the wrong buyers;

  • aim (right from the beginning) for clients who are willing to pay for what they get. People who buy cheaply will only be a pain in the… well, the bits we do not talk about here! 2 revisions should be enough;

  • improve your written English in the gigs and ensure that everything is proofread and corrected by an editor or proofreader. The English quality is secondary as we know you have English as a second language but, investing in a proofreader can make a huge difference.

  • when writing to clients, take your time and prepare a professional-looking letter and quotation. Ensure it has a friendly but businesslike tone, and stay away from emoticons, multiple exclamations, overstating things, and from offers that are too cheap. Value yourself. Send plenty of detail and explanation. Some clients may think you won’t respond so, it is worth sending a very quick one-liner to say you plan to respond and that you will reply in full by whatever time. This will impress the client–they know you are now working on a professional letter for them, and not rushing a response.

If you would like to send me the copy (written words) for your gigs, I will proofread them free. 🙂 Just Google to locate my profile on Fiverr and attach the gig wording as a Word document or a Google doc.

I think you will sell VERY soon. 328 people bookmarked you for a reason.


This is great & meaning full.

Thanks to share with us.

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