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Transaction worth over £10,000. Any protection?


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I am currently looking to develop a mobile app. I have received numerous quotes from sellers ranging from £2500 to £25,000.

As this is a very, very large transaction, what precautions do Fiverr have in place to ensure the seller does not “run off” with my money especially when the seller states that the delivery of the product will take anywhere from 2-4 months.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hi there!

My recommendation would be to seek out a Pro seller to facilitate your order, as there’s a higher level of customer support on Fiverr’s end when it comes to Pro orders.

I am 100% sure a non-Pro seller would also be able to make a great app for you, but it is true that Pro sellers tend to be able to manage larger scale projects a bit better.

Again my recommendation is based on your initial post where you are looking for the safest option.

Now as for the order itself you need to discuss with your potential sellers and ask for a milestones based project, where payments will be released only when milestones are completed successfully.

You should also insist that the project is structured in a way that the order on Fiverr will not be completed before the actual app is delivered. So if it takes 4 months, your seller will need to make sure there are other multiple orders or the milestones cover this.

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As mentioned earlier, Fiverr keeps the funds in escrow until the delivery of the project.

With the milestones option (this is specifically created for large orders) if the total order takes 3 months and the total agreed price is $12,000 then as each 30 day milestone is reached and successfully delivered then the milestone is paid for. In this imaginary scenario it would be $4000 if it were broken down evenly.

The seller won’t actually receive any money until the delivery and so this protects the buyer from “running away” with your $

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