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Discovery, Unexpected Gold


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      I took a course in college when I was working in a company as an employee. I was then a working student. Having<br />

a dream of finishing a course in college I enrolled in a University to pursue a career. I was taking then Electrical Engineering course which I shift to another course because of time constraint. I could not take the block session so I took the per unit schedules to fit the available time.Engineering is not my real passion . I only took it then because it was related to the nature of my job I had in the company.Time constraint dictated the course of my endeavor and I could do nothing but to shift to another course which gave me much free time to finish a course. For me to finish a course in college is good enough rather than to finish nothing.




I decided to finish B.S. Psychology course for this the only course fitted to my schedule then as working student. Right after my graduation about three weeks before I filed my resignation they offered me supervisory position in the company where I was working but my decision had been set and so resignation was done


I applied to different jobs hoping to land for a better job . All the Jobs that I have had are about selling job . I have been engaged in it for more than 35 years now. After all those years I still searching for my real me. I ask myself Is this the right life I want, the right job I want, the right career I have the passion to do. Certainly, My answer is definitely negative. :x




Sometime in three and half decade of my working days, oftentimes I have experience joys in visiting art museums in different places here in the Philippines. There and then I felt some kind of strange feeling of appreciation upon seeing the beautiful paintings on the wall of great filipino artists like Juan Luna and Amorsolo. Amazed so enough that hidden energy seems shouting out of my senses and became overt in my reaction and even within my thoughts. I was then searching for different artworks , be it commercial, paintings, photography and even literature. Because I had a sideline job then so I had to improve the craft and art , of being a new aspiring “Artist” and “Lover of Beauty” . At last I found myself. This is my heart, my passion, my happiness, my destiny,


my career, here my gold. This is me :x I have been in this business for 15 years since I found my real me… :-bd

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