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How to get a refund? Problems with a seller -


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I have been scammed by a user s https://www.fiverr.com/s****** and can’t get a refund from her for an app that doesn’t work properly. She failed to fix it and has been dragging it around until I hired another developer. I paid her in milestones so the whole amount has been paid until I found out there is a major bug and she doesn’t know how to fix it.

I asked her for a refund since she can’t fix it but she is ignoring my messages. It confirms she is a scam account and lies about the services she can provide.

Some of her messages are below:
“I am unable to see the issue, that you are facing anytime,…Not sure! Whats the issue arising at your end sometimes!”

The top of her unprofessionalism is to say me “the app is working sometimes” so I should accept her work and be happy with it working sometimes.

I request Fiverr support to look into this account and the issue, please.

Mod Note: Username removed!!

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