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Hello everybody, just wanted to introduce myself

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My name is Rob, and my “brand” name is EOW Productions.

I joined Fiverr back in July 2019, but never really made much attempt to get things started. I decided that I was going to really make an effort with my freelancing in 2020, so here I am.

So what is it that I do . . . what is my gig?

I specialise in rotoscoped face swap videos, usually sporting based. And feel that I have become somewhat of an expert over the last 5 years.

I have had 2 buyers so far this year, both with 5 stars and great comments. I still have work to do to make my gig as unique and interesting as it can be. The journey starts now . . .

That being said, if you guys could offer me one piece of advice about freelancing on fiverr, what would it be?

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