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Be alert from spams


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Hello there, There are some persons which are sending randomly spam messages to sellers like:

I came across your gig related to social media management and
that grabbed my attention because I do that as well.
I must admit, it can sometimes be really overwhelming to run
and manage all of those accounts when you have multiple
clients and it just makes it harder to scale.
That’s why I would love to help you and share with you one
tool that I started using to improve my SMM business.
This tool will do all of the work for you. You can just
connect your client’s accounts in less than 60 seconds and
you are ready to go! (Spam link)
Not only will you have way more time for yourself, but as
well it will be much easier to scale and find more clients!
If you want me to send you this tool, feel free to message
me. (Spam link)’

Beware from these kind of people they are rotating this type of message with little bit changing with link to many sellers.


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