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Blurry image when using Microsoft products


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Im trying to use my files with Microsoft products, and in Publisher, the image becomes blurry.

In Word its clear, until I save as a PDF.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Im not a GD and I dont use any other program, like Illustrator… etc


Did you see the response I give in this thread below?

When I open the jped and png on my PC, they are crisp and clear. When I import to word or publisher, they become pixelated. Im pretty confident they are high res. I hope I ordered the correct files in my package, as Im not a GD, and have no idea what the different files mean Ive asked my designer, but they dont use Microsoft programs so they cant give me an answer. Can anyone help?

What pixel resolution (width and height) is the supplied .png? Are you scaling it >100%? Did they give you a vector file too (eg. .ai)?

In Word its clear, until I save as a PDF.

Check the options in the “save as PDF”, option. eg. “optimize for image quality” or something. Also are you viewing the .pdf <=100% size?

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