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What could be the possible Gigs' titles for writers?


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I am a professional writer and a new seller on Fiverr. I have seven active gigs under different writing categories i.e. blog posts, content writing, product descriptions, etc. I have fulfilled all the Gig requirements i.e. introductory videos, FAQs, portfolio but still, I have got only two orders in more than three months.
Someone has told me to focus only on one niche as he thinks blog posts, content writing, and product descriptions, all are different niches and no one would be interested in any one of the gig until all of them are for one specific niche.
Someone could help me to understand this issue whether all the above-mentioned skills fall into one category as a whole or I have to select only one specif niche out of all these categories?
Moreover, if I choose one specific category e.g. product descriptions, how would it be possible to make all the seven gigs to make full use of the opportunities given by the Fiverr?
Here is the link to my profile, https://www.fiverr.com/amirmuawiya399. I will be grateful to seasoned sellers for their useful comments to help me improve my gigs.

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