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Option to Appeal against Denied Gig


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I think if a gig has been denied instead of just having the option to ‘delete’ it we should be able to appeal - Allowing us to then reword things, change the photos, change the gig extras until Fiverr is 100% happy with it. That way we won’t immediately loose ‘sample photos’ and ‘thumbs up’ for good.

I recently had a gig denied and it was my most popular one with more feedback and sample photos than all the others, I added a gig extra that Fiverr considered to be ‘adult’ and immediately the gig was removed. If I had the option I would have simply learnt my lesson, removed the gig extra and carried on as I had done before without it.

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I’m a little confused about this whole thing. I just had one of my gigs denied, and I disagree with the grounds Fiverr is using to remove it. The notification I received says, "This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service."

The gig was to review a draft of a novel, and there are several other gigs in the category just like it. I don’t see how I’m infringing on intellectual property rights if someone sends me their draft of an unpublished work. And it’s not like it was even popular, I just got my second order from it a week ago.

Honestly, it just hurts my feelings. I work really hard to provide buyers with a high level of quality and by no means have I mislead anyone.

I wonder if I was flagged by a rival seller?

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Reply to @evpassino: I’m having such an issue now. Two of my gigs were suddenly denied today. I don’t know what fiverr takes into consideration but I’m pretty sure mine is a disgruntled buyer whom I believe is using multiple accounts and consistently order under the wrong gig when I have an appropriate gig to order from. This group ordered like five times, under different accounts. Instead of posting their information, they would send it all in an image. Now how does five different users do the same thing… order wrong gig and send details as an image. So the forth time I asked them to order under the correct gig, then when the fifth order came, I requested cancellation and asked them to order under the correct gig.

Now today fiverr denies both of those gigs, one for spam, misleading… something that’s absolutely not this case as I deliver 100% per my gig description. I had hundreds of positive reviews on both of those gigs yet fiverr lets these buyers pull their strings and tear down their faithful sellers. I’ve seen many sellers talk about how fiverr treats their sellers when it’s so easy for a mean buyer or competing seller to mount a tasteless charge.

I’m quite disappointed in fiverr today.

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Very strange, I am shocked. My best gig was removed today. I think, Fiverr removes any gig once the admin receives a complaint by anyone. My gig remained active for 3 months and it has 100% customer satisfaction rate. The moment, I was thinking to make Fiverr my permanent job, they did this to me. I am very disappointed.

Flecia Howard

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