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Time Management And Fiverr Gigs


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I’ve been on Fiverr for a little over a year now, with a small ‘holiday’ in between. Interestingly enough, I only started because I ‘needed something to do’ when I was out of power for a month due to hurricane sandy. Needless to say, that ‘something to do’ turned into a very promising and exciting venture.

I was just wondering what was the average time it takes you to ‘complete a gig’ and how do you manage your time with regard to Fiverr?

For instance, I see some people have 5, 6, 7 or even 14 day deadlines in the gigs. Do you really not deliver your gig until 14 days after the buyer orders? I try to make my gigs very close to ordering time - however, sometimes I cut it close and need extensions. Although, I think it is a turnoff for buyers when the lead time is long, I think it’s better to have longer lead times so that you can ensure quality (and timely) work.

Of course, I know this will differ, depending on the type of gigs one does. So just trying to get a scope at the varied experiences out there.

The time management question also refers to this element: Do you deliver your gigs EARLY, on average - or do you pretty much deliver it the day that its due? Of course, I’m sure this depends on how long it actually takes to complete the gig, from beginning to end.

Cheers, Michael

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Different gigs and Sellers require different delivery times. You have to pick what works for you. Best practice is to deliver as soon as you can, while still providing your absolute best product or service.

I have a 14 day delivery time posted. I have a busy workload, and I need proper time to create my products. My clients do not seem to mind the time frame. Depending on my work load and the size of the project, I often deliver in 3 to 5 days. Sometimes it’s close to 14 days. Depends on many factors.

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I’ve tested many different gig delivery times And there doesn’t appear to be any really clear or significant impact. There is little doubt the “Express delivery” can help with sales (and that may be because it gets you on yet one more list).

Further, most sellers offer express delivery for a few extra dollars and a little more in some other cases. So if someone REALLY wants it fast, yo can usually buy it. (Please note, yo is a genderless pronoun that means effectively she/he/other).

Finally, in closing, having longer dates often gives sellers a very nice, easy way to give BUYERS a “cause celeb” for yo’s feedback. “(Seller delivered way before the due date)” while still giving the seller a chance to take a day off completely or even a few.

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