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I am sick of this. Fiverr should add report button on Buyer Request


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First time posting here so hope I do all the steps correctly.
Today at “buyers request” section I’ve run onto a buyer requesting a intro animation for which he attached a file for more information. His msg:


Upon downloading the zipped file and checking it I’ve realized it has an exe extension. And it was clear it’s a malicious file. At first I thought I should just ignore it. Click on “remove request” and move one. Few minutes later I’ve noticed the same post again and same buyer. (I could only see a W on his profile since he don’t have an img)


I didn’t opened the file on my pc I’ve uploaded it to few online file scanning platforms like virusdesk at kaspersky.com and virustotal.com. On both platforms file was recognised as a Backdoor.MSIL.Agent.



And again I thought I should just ignore it, since there’s no option to report buyer within BR section.
…Buuut, I couldn’t just move on, so I had to do something. So I’ve figure it out only way is to send an offer and then It’ll show up in my “sent offers” section. And there I’ll have his full account user name shown.
The fun part for me was once I’ve went to his profile I saw he has a Top Buyer status. I’ve freaked out for a second but then I’ve realised it’s just a text under the profile picture, that anyone can write anything to huh… Clicked on a report button underneath and closed the case.

Now, I think it would be good if we were able to see the full name in the BR section on web like it is possible within the mobile app. And also to be able to click on it and easily access the buyers profile. To see their ratings, status, and period that they are on the site. Before we decide to send an offer. After few chargebacks and malicious files sent my way it’s good to know a bit more of the other side before starting anything with them. Accounts that where created lately and with $$$ offers and high scale projects, approaching them with caution. Anyway, that’s what I felt a need to share here. Hope this experience saves someone from the sample.exe and similar “project briefs”.


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They should:

A) scan attachments for viruses (why aren’t they doing that yet?).
B) Add a report option for buyer requests. This has been suggested for a long time and would help prevent things like this. Or at least help quickly get people intentionally attaching things like this stopped from doing it.

I saw this and didn’t trust it enough to look at the zip file.

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You are frustrated by this ?.. Sometime I see some sellers post buyer request to get works … That are really frustrate . Those things are really frustrate … And there is no option to report a buyer request … If there was a button then we could report … Hope fiverr will add that … 😀

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Buyer Request option is used basically for the people who are in need of something get done by the sellers. But, recently I’ve found that some polluters are using that option by offering. Here’s the example below.


It’s so much irritating. We use this option for searching the buyer, not the seller. But, they are using this option selling, offering and other promotional purpose.
So, fiverr should add a Report Button for this kind of misuse of this important option.

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Yes, We have the buyer request service for improving our gig or getting the order.

But, Nowadays Some of the seller/new seller place requests as they like a buyer and we’re the seller sends the request for the job and don’t know the request was from the seller or real buyer. In that way, The request we sent to the seller/new seller, The request will be worthless.

We have only 10 requests per day. If sellers place the requests without any reason and from those we lost 5 or less than 5 requests. How can we get benefit from the buyer request? Any Suggestion.

Any filter option from the “Fiverr” or ‘Fiverr’ needs to work on it by adding the filter system for us?

Thanks 🙂

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  • read the request thoroughly; usually, it’s pretty clear when it’s from a seller;

    if it’s worded in such a way it’s not clear, and you always manage to find ten or more requests you want to apply to, maybe keep that request slot for a request that clearly is from a person wanting to buy

  • if you feel so inclined, you can report the seller (in the app, you see the user names); I suppose Fiverr will give them a warning and they’ll know to not post in buyer request again then;

    this is between you and your conscience, those sellers seem to think “buyer request” means they’ll request a buyer there, they don’t know any better (didn’t read or didn’t understand Fiverr’s or whoever’s info about BR, and while a warning like that probably won’t get them suspended in and of itself, warnings pile up, and people who don’t get what BR is for might have trouble understanding other things, policies, etc. too, they may have already gotten a warning for spamming other sellers with their gig or something. (If they should be on this platform then, if they didn’t read or understand the ToS and other things, is another question and off-topic.)

Basically, to waste as little time as possible on this, your best bet is to only send offers to requests that clearly are by people wanting to buy a service and ignore the rest. If you always find so many BRs that you’re afraid of running out of your 10 daily offers, it shouldn’t be too hard to spend them on actual buying requests.

As for a Fiverr filter system, I’m sure they have one, and it’s probably self-improving over time, but they need to be careful - we’ve had people here complaining who were actual buyers, and had their BRs denied by the filter, and that’s of course something neither Fiverr nor we all want.

You probably can’t make those filters too strict.

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I am NOT clicking that download just to check if it’s against ToS. Can I still somehow report this?


Well if that is in the buyer’s requests they can upload a sample or document to explain what they are looking for. But since it is in a zip file, I wouldn’t download it either. I don’t know that it is against the TOS but it could be spam or a virus.

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Recently I am noticing there are some people on fiverr who acts like buyer and sends biyer request publicly like " Can you make a website like this? [Link] ".

It may sound like normal but it is not. They are spammers and time wasters.
They never wants a website. They just want traffic from fiverr to their website.

I have seen same website being posted to be created like 4 times with different url shortener.
Few minutes ago I found another one nd unfortunately he is from my country.

There are more things that wastes time like some dude posting about buying /selling bitcoin openly.

If fiverr could add a report button beside every buyer requests then these kinds of spam would decrease and freelancers can utilize their time well.

You got a story?
Let me hear it.

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They just ask for portfolio or share their email to contact them but not in fiverr, whyyy?!! should ban them from fiverr

because they want to get the job done and not pay.

If they do this on fiverr then their money would freeze by fiverr.

But in outside no one can help.

That’s the reason

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I was recently contacted by a seller who is selling gigs within the same category as me so I know they are a competitor and seeking info on how to provide similar service to my gig. I wish Fiverr had a report button in the inbox where there is phishing/scam button so that they could follow up on non-genuine buyers who waste time and have an effect on response rate etc.

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I post buyer requests sometimes and 99-100% of the replies that I get are complete spam from people who refuse to read the gig. Is there some way to report them? It is so incredibly frustrating and it wastes so much time.

I’m half tempted to buy their offer and then just give them a bad rating if they turn out to lie.

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I post Buyer request quite often so I understand your frustrate.
Unfortunately Fiverr system doesn’t have a system dealing with offers from sellers who don’t even read description.

To filter out such spam offers, I often put a request at the end of my message like “Please write the word “apple” before your offer”.
That may help choose serious sellers who read the requests and they often do a better job.

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Well, the biggest problem is people say that buyers don’t actually have time to go through the whole list of people. So, they rather check out the first 20 people or a few earliest responses.
This is the reason Seller just put the request without reading.
As said by “power_design” putting a message “Please write the word “apple” before your offer” is a good and suggested option is one of the solutions.
And daily sellers can put 10 offers, so if it is reduced to 5 this might decrease as people will have to think twice before putting an offer.

I personally have my response written in notepad from where I copy and paste it in response and add few lines after reading the description.

I think that others are just pasting pre-written responses there without even seeing what Style of Logo is the buyer asking for.

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I know it’s been said before, especially recently, but here’s another reason why the Buyer Requests area should have some kind of report feature.

Capture1248×187 17.3 KB

I’m not the only one who is tired of seeing posts that blatantly disregard TOS, posts that are sellers promoting their own gigs, and posts that have potential malware in the attachments.

And I’m sure a handful of these buyers have no idea that what they’re doing is against TOS. Same with the sellers applying to jobs like the example above. I’m sure there are people who see this posting and think work like this is okay because it was “approved by Fiverr.”

The overly optimistic side of me likes to think that everyone reads the TOS and would know this is wrong, but we all know that’s not the case.

I just think that something needs to change. It’s frustrating.

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Same goes for BR that have malware. People are getting infected and can only report this through the support ticket.

See these examples:

Hello Fiverr community! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, MALWARE THREAT BackstoryJust 5 minutes ago, I was waiting for some Buyer requests when this request came in my list [fiverr malware censored] After downloading the ZIP file, for prevention reasons, I didn’t extract it right away. ZIP was containing these files: What needs doing.lnkNDA.lnkI extracted them into a secure sandbox and firstly tried to delete them. I was unable to. After that, I immediately scanned them with Bitdefender and thi…

Hey, There was virus attached in a .rar file which was included in a buyers request. Due to which my computer is not functioning properly. It was .js file. How to reach fiverr to complain this?
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