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Fiverr Gigs Not Showing On Search Result


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I need help. For some months now I’ve noticed some of my gigs are not showing up in the search results. I’ve 20 gigs and currently only 1 gig is showing up when I search based on the keywords related to my services and keywords I used in my gig description none of my gigs comes up in the search result even on the last page.

I’ve reached out to customer care to help resolve this issue but they keep telling me that they’ve refreshed my gig and it’s showing. But when I search again and I go through all the results for the keywords from the first page to the last page of the search result nothing has really changed.

I even had to redesign my gig images and rewrote my gig description making it more search engine optimized but still, nothing has really changed.

Is it possible that Fiverr can block a gig from showing up on the search result and not reveal it to the user? If you’ve had this same issue that your gig is not showing up on the search result. How did you resolve this issue?

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