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I Got A Feeling


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Greetings Fiverr Community,

I recently set up my seller profile and I was so excited to start selling on Fiverr until I encountered bugs that prevented me from starting my first gig, followed by no response from the Fiverr Help & Support team.

Problem: I can’t make it past the “Saving” Black Wheel of Death after the first page of create a gig.

Problem: When I emailed Fiverr support a week ago no one got back to me.

Problem: When I tried to email them again the Fiverr site prevented me from sending that email (another glitch/bug?)

I’m starting to get flashbacks of Amazon, where the buyer experience is great but the seller experience is a nightmare. Am I doing something wrong?

I Got A Feeling that Fiverr for Sellers is a Mess.

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 3.00.38 PM2560×1598 104 KB
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I agree with clearing your cache, logging out of the site, etc. Pop open a Google Doc or a Gmail draft and cut/paste your text and attach images into/on to it so you don’t lose it all under the spinning ball. Also, use something like Character Count Tool to make sure your total character count is under 1200, that will hold up posting and the error messages don’t always inform you of that correctly.

ETA: Also make sure you aren’t mentioning things in the text that we aren’t allowed to, like an e mail address, s kype, or p aypal. As far as the not-able-to-send-a-response thing with CS, I believe I’ve read others having the same issue…I think they bar folks from repeat inquiries about the same issue to keep from getting inundated.

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That’s weird. I just created a new gig and didn’t have a problem when saving it. You said you emailed Fiverr, maybe try opening a ticket? Here’s the link.

Thanks for the link. That was my third attempt at contacting support that way. The first time, nothing. The second and third attempts the page will not submit request.

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 5.50.52 AM2536×1370 277 KB
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