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Fiverr Tests Taken


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Hello everyone,
Hope all of you are doing well. I want to share something that today I was going to give wordpress 4.1 test as I select the option to take test fiverr takes me to the start test page and after pressing start test button another confirmed page came on that particular page I accidently pressed the back key then again start test page appears all was seems to be fine.

as soon as i pressesd start test button the next page comes with error that “Token already used” i tried to refresh page and also logout and then login and then opened account in incognito mode nothing happens. Only failed status was appearing so disapointed 😦 without starting test

Anyone else has faced same situation? Please comment now I think after 24 hours retake test option appear.

Your views will be appreciated.
Thank You
Umair Ahmad
Socila Media Manager

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