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I have lost my gig rank. Please help!


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Hello friends,

Good morning and Hope you are fine.

Today I want to know the reason behind my gigs ranking drop. I’m a level 2 seller and 3 to 4 of my gigs had been ranked on 1st place for my keywords since I created the gig, but today suddenly I saw that those gigs go down from 1st place to last page.

Would like to inform you that my performance is going fine.

Response time - 1 Hour
Order Completion Rate - 96%
On-time Delivery-100%
Positive Rating - 4.8

But I have active 6 to 7 of my pause gigs at a time after I got level 2 batch.

Is this the reason of my gigs ranking down?

Actually, I confused why it happens & want to sure, so that I will not repeat in future.

Is it against of Fiverr community for active 6 - 7 gigs at a time?

Please need your help.

Waiting for your valuable tips and suggestions.


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ok, that’s not just about this particular gig, but I’ve spent my time here for a while (annoying some of you, I know, I know) to also figure out how fiverr works.

Without blaming anyone, I see too many posts lately (and I suspect they are honest) about their gig ranking drastically changing without notice. My only problem is sellers should be properly notified of such events. Of course, nobody guarantees that if you’re in page 1 today you’ll not be last page tomorrow. But most of you here (I’m just a newcomer) spend months to try and build a business.

You/we should at least be notified of why drastic drops suddenly happen on your/our gigs. And this is just an opinion.

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One alternate way of looking at this, is that we’re wrong in how we assume Fiverr’s algorithm works. I don’t know this for certain, I don’t work for Fiverr… but @steve_maxell wrote some interesting posts a while back about the theory that Fiverr’s search works more like a poker/shuffle system than an actual search system.

This would make sense - Google’s mission is to serve the searcher, nothing more. They want people to be able to find what they’re looking for, quickly. If that means your website, which was number 1 for a lucrative keyword for the past 5 years, is now on page 80 overnight, well boo-hoo, Google don’t care. Because they don’t have to… they don’t serve the websites, they serve the searchers.

Fiverr on the other hand has to balance both parties. It has to serve relevant gigs to people who are searching for them, but it also has to promote new accounts, so as not to scare off new talent. If Fiverr didn’t care about new talent, they could literally just look at the stats and rank gigs based on revenue for them, why wouldn’t they!? Someone mentioned in another post just now, the idea that seller seniority should trump all other attributes; cool, now we’ve got a boy’s club, where new sellers are shunned to the very last page of the search, where they will remain forever. You can see why Fiverr don’t do this. Everyone gets a shot when they first start out.

I noticed the other day that a seller was on here complaining that their gig was nowhere to be found for their search term. Yet when I searched for it, literally 10 minutes after they’d posted, they weren’t just on the first page, they were on the second row of the first page. Now either I’m getting a more tailored search experience, or there’s some degree of ‘randomisation’ in play, or a combination of the two. And I honestly don’t think that would be a bad thing.

Like others have said elsewhere, the best thing for all sellers is to focus on what you can actually change… Make quality gigs, demonstrate your capabilities clearly and offer value, and you’ll win in the long-run.

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I recently got a 4.7 star review on one of my gigs and I lost my ranking almost immediately (the following day). I was ranking on page one before that happened. So since nothing changed apart from the 4.7 review, I am guessing that is what caused it. I am working hard to get other 5 star reviews to see if it will help but only time will tell.

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