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No new clients since a long time. Please help!


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Hi, it’s been a year since I have received clients as I used to. I applied all the latest search tags and my statistics are above 90% in all categories. This same gig has brought me 60+ orders a month and now views and impressions are close to zero. I even waited for fiverr auto-rotation of gigs but didn’t receive any new clients for months. Even though my account is revenue generating (based on my last year performance) and no warnings received, what should I do to lie on the first page again? I send buyers requests daily, but unable to find all relevant ones. I understand all days are not same here. But I patiently waited a year and still no business. I am completely losing here. Last year, I was $4000+ a month and after limiting my workload when I got back to accept that amount of work, algorithms aren’t helping me.
What should I do?
Here’s the link to my gig that brought me business:


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Hi @aqsak192. Sorry to hear that your sales are going down. But you need to understand that Fiverr isn’t always a place where you get clients each day. Also you need to look professional on here to compete with the other top officials 🤓

could you please look at my profile and guide me how can I make it more professional? I’ll be highly obliged.

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