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$5 for a Complete Mobile Application :D


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Scenario: I landed my first $1k mobile app and the budget on job post was $5 😃

These days, I have seen many job post which require a mobile application in a budget of $5. Just wondering, what should I do? should i bid on these projects or not. there are very less chances that a buyer contacts you directly and have a reasonable budget for the job.

The reason for asking is, I bid on a project today (Complete native mobile apps with too many features) and the price was $150. Within minutes, the buyer contacted me and started to put pressure on me to do his app in $150, :rofl: I told him this is not possible, and then he started to say I will report you, you wasted my time, blah blah.

Now just wondering, what if he actually reported me, Do I get banned from Fiverr. What to do with these $5, $50, $200, $300 buyers request for complete mobile app development?

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