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My gig is gone after ID verfication

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Hi guys,
everyting was going so well, i have already verfied ID a while ago, now they requested it again, i have provided it straight away and it was approved. But after 24 hrs my gig completely gone, its no where to be seen. It was ranked gig and i was getting orders.
All my stats are 100%, 5 ratings and no cancellations or late or bad ratings. Clearly this is a problem but CS failed to understand and dont reply. Anyone else facing this issue?


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thats not the issue guys, they said its normal and nothing can be done.
I dont get, how in the blue hell a gig can disappear like this, Nothing bad has happened to my account, everything is Excellent, Just the bad thing in my opinion is the ID verification, which i did it straight away. How can that cause the gig to disappear?

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