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I raised the question of creating wrongly named categories and confusing both buyers and sellers, when this category was first introdused.

The main suggestion is (quoting from the first message I wrote on this topic):

I am a game designer, so that means my domain is game mechanics, level design, game economics and balance, puzzle design etc.
It’s not the visual design (3d modeling, concept art, and all that good stuff).
But on the site the category GAME DESIGN is not actually about game design, it’s about visual design.
And there is no game design category.

And that’s a serious problem, because for some reason the site ignores one of the most important aspect of game developement. The artists and programmers have their categories, but the ones who actually come up with the game and how it works - don’t.

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There’s some neglect in that category even though they say the essentials are present. Plus there’s a lot of blending of sub-categories. Hopefully improving the clarity of categories will be improved in the near future.

Well, I wrote to the support crew right away. They don’t seem do give a… well, anything.

It’s industry specific term. It’s as if they didn’t even google it befor setting up the categories.

It is still up and running, and the further we go, the harder it will be to turn back.

Honestly, that pisses me off. Google GAME DESIGN, guys!

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