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Valentines Day gig


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So since it’s less than a month til Valentines Day, I decided to

add a special Valentines Day edition to my usual gig.

How many of you guys out there add holiday/seasonal editions to their existing gigs?

Any success with them?

I added a Christmas gig last month, and I am thankful that I did get a few orders,

but still I didn’t get as much. I hope the Valentines Day version will do a bit better!! 😃

To all the sellers who has ( or planning to create) Valentines Day gigs, good luck! 😃

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Reply to @anigrams:

I’m hoping my Valentines day gig will show up in the search, so just now

I changed the gig title a bit and also changed the top photo.

but so far no orders yet. Well, we’ll see what happens! 😃

The top photo is all bright red:


Hopefully it can get more attention, LOL.

I hope you get a lot of orders too, good luck!

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