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Fiverr charges me $2 in order to tip a seller? Ridiculous!

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1 minute ago, crowell_designs said:

does the seller get $5 or something less?

The seller gets $4, which is 80% of the $5. The same cut as a regular order, if the order was $5, the seller would still get $4...... 

Basically there is a fee for everything, 5.5% of the purchase amount. For purchases under $50, an additional $2 small order fee. Hence the $7.28 I guess. 

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Fiverr needs to find a way to remove that $2 fee in general. It's bad for gigs that are small like mine. Who wants to pay $10 plus another $2 for a psychic reading that's only a few sentences. That fee really messed things up..

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I always try tip for services.  The fact that Fiverr makes the tip a completely separate transaction is BS.  I'm not paying $12.50 after fees included so that my seller gets $8.  Hopefully the sellers are adjusting their prices to not count on tips.  Very disappointed with Fiverr's methods

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