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No orders yet - suggestions please dear fellas


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Hey good people!
So I had posted about not getting any orders in my following gigs a while ago and followed the suggestions I received, but still I’m totally off dry 😦
Can anyone suggest how do I improve my gigs?
Gig links:

Thank you!

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Your examples for a logo doesn’t show as a “top notch professional” logos as you describe it. It’s looks like a low quality clip art from 80s (not in a good meaning of that) with fonts and icons not working with each other at all.

That’s if I was to be completely honest. Up to you what you’ll do with that. There are a lot of design courses for free out there if you are curious to improve your skills. Design is not only about using photoshop but being able to follow or create trends.

As for your writing gig: you don’t have any examples of your work and the only “writing” that people can see is your description which also would sound quite weird for native speakers

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