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How I began my three-day weekend (May Cause Hunger Pangs)


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All week, the teachers, principal and I were counting down the days until we begin our three day weekend. I can honestly say, I started the day off with writing articles for a client. I have 8K words to do for one project, 2500 words for another client and 1,050 for a third client. It’s all good though.

However, my 13-year-old son wanted some friends to spend the night. So last night, I made chocolate covered pretzels (for the first time ever). This morning, I made homemade cinnamon rolls. These were a hit. I had 14 to start, I’m down to 4 now in the house. I can honestly say, next time I make them, I’m doing homemade cinnamon raisin rolls. Wonder how it would taste.

Here’s the picture of the cinnamon rolls…

cinnamon rolls714×960 66.9 KB

What do y’all think?

Now, it’s back to writing articles. Later, I’ve got to come up with a supper idea that will please some kids too.

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