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How many gigs should one create as a beginner?



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If you want to make it professional in fiverr, you have to make seven gig…

How do you reach that idea?!

I had only one gig for more than 18 months… I have only recently added a second gig. I’d rather do one or two gigs flawlessly, than offer a heap of gigs and struggle to fit them in. 🙂 I’m a Top-Rated Seller. I get so much work from two gigs, that I’m full-time on Fiverr.

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I’m quite new, still no sales, have set up three gigs.

At first I only had one, then I realised that if I have more than one then I can compare how many impressions and clicks I get, and experiment with different keywords. That’s helping me to focus things better, and see what people are looking for.

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1 is the right answer for most cases, for multiple reasons.

1 - Allows you to focus all your efforts, portfolio, etc. in one place. If you don’t have a lot to show, it’s not a good idea to spread too thin. 1 well made, complete gig is better than 7 gigs with 2 line descriptions, broken F.A.Q. and empty portfolio.

2 - Less time investment needed. This business is not for everyone. It’s better to see if it works for you with 1 gig before creating more. It’s better to spend the time and effort to make 1 gig and finding this is not for you than doing the same after having 7 times the work. This takes time, I would advise at least 1 month of tweaking and improving one gig and seeing what happens before trying another.

3 - Creates more trust. Think of it from the buyer’s perspective. A new seller, no reviews, 1 gig = ok, he’s just getting started, and this specific thing is what he is good at. A new seller, no reviews, 7 gigs doing different things = claims to do so much, yet nobody is buying anything. Why?

Great way of putting it, makes total sence

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