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I need some help because im struggling!


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Hi - welcome to the forum

Your social media gig image is a bit … “in yer face”. I physically moved back when it appeared.

Description: problem first , then solution you provide

So take out the first line completely and then insert “social media” before “engagement” on the next line.

Think about what your ideal buyer is looking for … and then talk directly to them in your description.

If necessary, find someone here on Fiverr to make you a new main image. The one you have is certainly eye catching … but in a “my eyes!” kind of way …

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I agree with @coerdelion. The yellow is definitely eye catching, so I’d use it sparingly 😁
The image for your illustration is really cool! I also like your gig descriptions…they have a personal touch and good style imo. Have you tried sharing the gigs on social media or through a blog? Honestly, I’m in the same boat as you @ashleymones. I’ve been trying to boost sales through buyer requests.

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