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The Best Idea to make a Sell


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Getting information from someone is a great start on making a sale. Being clear about what you are offering for the first $5 shows integrity. But checking someones webpage Facebook, Youtube or others will allow you to identify what type of business they are asking you to promote.

I usually ask that they check out my site at www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/Art.of.Universal.Language to make clear they are willing to work for this youth company. Be very creative for your clients as well.

Thank you

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Hi and welcome.

Fiverr is based upon Buyer and Seller anonymity.

IF you get an order and the Buyer asks you to look at an Internet property, so be it. Just be cautious what you click on.

IF you get an order and want to do some recon, I guess there’s no law against it. However, it might be wise to be cautious IF using whatever info was gathered with this method and be cautious in revealing that information was gathered with this method.

IMO, part of Best Practice includes protecting Buyers, and not looking for information that the Buyer did not offer voluntarily or that Seller did not specifically ask for via the Fiverr system.

Good Luck and Good Selling!

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