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Improvements for my Keyword research Gig


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Hi, I launched my Keyword research gig 3 days ago and are waiting for orders to come in.

So far:0 orders,0 messages.

Capture1079×132 10.9 KB

I also heard that filling buyer request will help, but I get no requests sent to me.

Capture21295×325 22.2 KB

I have made a thumbnail I think are clickable

Included a price that are low compared to the delivery

Long description describing the benefits

Discount in the faq

Included all questions I can think of in the faq

Promotion video uploaded

I have included examples of my work in pdf file

Is there anything I have missed?

Generally I think the problem is that nobody wants to order a gig with no reviews…

I see people recommend to ask friends and family to order gigs to get the first 5 star review, but to me it seems like cheating since none of my friends/family are webmasters…

I also heard someone recommend exchanging gigs with other sellers, but that is probably not according to t.o.s…

Have anybody tried running ads on FB to make a sale? Can be hard to get ROI on a low cost service I guess…

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hi @johab, unfortunately Fiverr isn’t an always ongoing marketplace where you get clients each week or so. Sometimes it takes months before you get a client or even longer. The Fiverr market is a continuously moving market where services keep changing according to the needs of the clients and the current market. Dont get demotivated from this, you will surely find a client in the near future which could be a long term client for your Gig! Fiverr is all patience and hard work 🤓

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Yes, I plan to stick around for the long term 🙂
I think will move on to create some new gigs in other category’s.
I will hopefully get a gig and a review on one of the gigs, and then the stars will appear on the profile page at least…

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