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Just started my first gig for retouching pics. Any advice?


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Hi everbody!
I just created an account & started my first gig. I’ve been into photography and editing for a while now, got a relatively successful ig-account & after uploading a time-lapse video of one of my recent edits on my ig-story, a friend of mine suggested offering my editing services on Fiverr. The result: this

I’ve followed some of the usual advice, I’ve shared the gig on my ig-account, even created a promoted story, I’ve tried dm’ing a few people there, too, I’ve uploaded a video + three pics on my gig, created FAQs, tried to use the right tags, have kept my eye on the buyers-request-page (nothing so far), changed the title of my gig (can’t change the URL anymore, unfortunately)…

Is there any other advice you guys & gals could give me? I know that my gig’s still very young and I shouldn’t be too impatient, but I want to try as much as possible to succeed.

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