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How Do I make a modification request


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Is there an OFFICIAL way to make a “modification request”

I received an order from a seller. I was away from my computer when it arrived so I didn’t have time to review it thoroughly. So if was marked “completed”

For the most part it was good but there was one flaw.

So I asked her to make a change.

She then sent me a note saying that I need to make a “ modification request”

But I didn’t see where or how to do that.

So I asked her how to do that? I still don’t understand why she just didn’t make the change. It was not a big thing.

I’ve now asked her 3 times and she is ignoring me.

Can you tell me How do I make a “modification request”

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You can’t officially ask for a modification request after the order was completed.

You could try to tell your seller that your order was automatically marked as complete and there is no way to request a revision, however (if you had revisions included in your order) you still have c amount revisions included in your order and you would like her/him to make this change in the inbox.

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