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Buyers! Don't pay $5 for a $.05 click!


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Just saw an ad here for a Seller who will, for $5, of course, click your Adsense ads! 😮

Website owners, this is totally against Google Adsense’s TOS, which means it’s most likely not permitted here at Fiverr either. This warning though is not related to Fiverr’s TOS, but a friendly, yet stern warning about Adsense’s Terms Of Service.

This is a SURE-FIRE WAY to get your Adsense account DISABLED. Wanna see how sad that is? Just head to Google’s Webmaster Forum and see all the sob stories of webmasters who’ve had their Adsense account disabled AND NO PAYOUT.

So if you have a good $150 or more sitting there in your account and Google finds out you’re gaming them - AND THEY WILL - not only will they close down your account quicker than a snoose through a goose, but you also don’t get that ‘free money’ that has accumulated in your account.

Some of you Adsense Account holders most likely know this, and you have to KNOW this isn’t worth the repercussions.

Some of you have Adsense accounts and actually don’t know this, which is sad, but it IS in their TOS.

Just a very friendly notification!

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Always read the Terms of Use if you use a service. If you don’t, you will end in trouble, always.

Especially many of the click gigs give clicks from same IPs, which will always result in a ban. Even if they follow through all security measures and have a billion different IPs, it’s still not a 100% safe way, and goes against TOS.

If you want to get clicks, your best bet is to do SEO to get natural clicks from search engines. Another good idea is to get REAL targeted traffic. 90% of traffic gigs are NOT real. Real traffic can be spotted by looking at their price tags. 1000+ visits for $5 is not real, or at least targeted.

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