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Requirements section on order page missing entirely, order can't start


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CS tells me to have her give me the requirements on the message system:

Seeing that the buyer is using a mobile device, you can advise them to use a PC/Mac to proceed with providing the order requirements or you can skip the requirements and ask them to send you the requirements via Inbox.

Otherwise, we will need them to contact us directly if they are experiencing issues with their account.

Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

Sure but um how is the order going to even start?
And it’s not an issue with her account, its a bug.

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That’s so strange! Sorry you’re dealing with this. I just sent out a custom offer and the buyer was able to fill in the requirements. How odd.

Thanks, no idea what to do. I have someone new to fiverr who has no idea what is happening and yet is willing to wait for me to get this fixed somehow, and CS does not understand the order will not start without the requirements filled in.

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Have you tried clicking “I have all the information I need” … if it’s there. That will start the clock. Then you can get the requirements through messaging.

Its not there. Nothing is there. It’s now been 2.5 hours since she placed her order. She has never ordered on fiverr before. I have managed to keep her order and her appeased until tomorrow. CS seems to think I can go ahead with the order even though the order has no way to start and the CS person does not understand.

sigh I’m exhausted

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If you are not getting option to skip order requirements and start the order on mobile you can try on PC/Mac, if you find option there (may be).

We did try that. She has no requirements section showing at all, just like what I see.

bug618×804 18.2 KB

Its the same on a computer for her she said.

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You are not getting what I am trying to say.

You can skip the order requirement on your PC not the buyer.

and later you ask information needed in the inbox.

The order won’t start. I know you can skip it. But all that part is gone. It’s a blank page. There is not any way in he11 to start the order. It’s all gone.

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