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Are there Order Crisis?


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Hi @proscarlett, sorry to hear that you are experiencing such a low order rate. This can be a fact that you aren’t in the season for your service. This means clients are looking for your services at the moment as the Fiverr market has moved.


You aren’t being put on the landing page for the viewer as the SEO keeps updating each day

How to fix:

1. Update your Gig - new pictures of the service and maybe add a newly updated text

2. Update title

3. Charge less for a certain period

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I have found the start to 2020 to be very slow. I’m used to maybe six or seven orders a day, but had very little for three weeks after Christmas. However, things are starting to pick back up now, so hang in there. Maybe use the down time to market your gigs, polish your order pages, get onto social media, that kind of thing?

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Welcome to the freelance world where there’s no salary and no guarantee of steady work coming your way.

This is a highly competitive marketplace and mediocre/cheap gigs can no longer stay afloat for too long.

Just to serve as a PSA for anyone reading this thread, @sidorissimomike advice is bad. Feel free to skip it altogether.

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