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Hers offer is too big


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hello my buyer bought for 15 euros to get him pictures from the wedding. The problem is that the file is too big. It has more than 100 GB. Should I ask for more money because now my complete memory is full (and the whole files are not even downloaded yet)

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imho, this is your problem, because you (and not your client) are supposed to know about platform’s limitation.

I’d say work extra to get him satisfied. He may leave a better tip at the end. Have you tried to split up your file?..

but 100GB looks exagerate to me, to be honest. most pictures there should be compressed, without losing too much clarity.

ps: as an idea, dvds used to have 4-5GB per 2h movie. so his wedding was what? the equivalent of 20 hollywood movies?? 🙂

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