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Taken advantage of. Unfair treatment from the Seller


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Hello Fiverr users! I need your advice please. How would you handle a situation with a seller that lacks the timing of communication, delivery and understanding?

I have dilemma, that is giving me an headache. I had specified to the T about my order, they were 3 days late on the order, false advertised about their service, and does not communicate effectively. "SOMEONE HELP ME PLEEEAAASSSSEE!"

I’ve been very patient guys. Trust me on this. How do you advertise “Vector Files and all other formats”, but yet though you manage to only send a JPEG? Nice design, but wrong colors on an image that you specifically mentioned three times! Then, have the nerve not to reply after the fact of giving them extra days to complete the project! ???

They must be nuts! I know I should report, but I am trying to give them an opportunity to redeem themselves.

Tell me guys. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Every opinion is welcome.

Thank you!

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Nah, if you’ve been patient enough and think they’re just screwing you around - ask for a mutual cancellation. That way you will get your money back, although you will not be able to leave negative feedback. Another option is you can contact customer support - especially if the seller is not agreeing to your cancellation request, and ask them to cancel the order - again you’ll get your money back. Or, you can just leave him negative feedback which will warn future buyers - and dent his reputation, decreasing his sales.

It sounds like your order is right up my alley and I would be happy to help you out with it - just shoot me a message!

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