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Withdrawal FAILED, disappointing


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I am really disappointed although my paypal is activated , while withdrwal its failed . NEED SOLUTION OF IT
We have good news! Your revenue, in the amount of $44, was sent to your PayPal account. It may take a few days for your funds to appear in your PayPal balance.

Note: PayPal charges a fee per each withdrawal.

But later its failed. WHAT IS THIS ? Please help me

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Bro, ame thing is happens to me. This problem is not from Fiverr, it is a problem of PAy-pal. When I contact pay-pal, they reply me that, you must have a business account.
And thing is that, if you open a business account in pay-pal, they charge a huge amount of tax from your revenue. SO go with Payoneer…
pay-pal also said to me that, the following busiess account policy is for only some of the specific countries of the world. I am from India, and this rule is appliciable in Pay-pal India.

Go with payoneer.

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