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What are the goods and bads in this gig of mine?


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I am new to the freelancing market. I have made a wordpress website development gig. It has been half a month since I have created this gig (and joined fiverr). I have done some research and have realized that there are literally thousands of gigs out there under the wordpress category. Hence, by default it should be really difficult to get those customers in already.

However, my gig has had 91 views already (in 15 days). I don’t know if thats a good thing or not, but at least there should’ve been at least 1 order out of those 91 views if I had done everything correctly in my gig, right? But so far I have had 0 orders. So, would you mind checking out my gig, and comment on it over here? Maybe identify some stupid mistakes I made or something? It would be really helpful if you did!

I am aware of the fact that it does take a while to get that first order, and sitting and waiting for a potential customer is not enough. I understand promoting my gig is a must. I just wanted some tips based on the current gig, that would help me to convert my views to orders. Here’s the link to my gig

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