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Creating A Gig Video (Query)


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Hi folks,

I’ve recently joined the site and I’m currently putting together a 60-90 second video clip (professionally animated and produced, etc.) to use for voiceover gigs. I’ve seen it mentioned that Fiverr don’t like people to use their logo in their videos/images, which is perfectly understandable, but I was wondering whether it would be alright to say something like:

Thanks for checking out my gig on Fiverr.com” or “(…) on Fiverr.com forward slash ident productions

The video would only be used on this site for gigs, of course, but I didn’t want to just take a risk and use it without first knowing whether it was acceptable. I don’t recall seeing anything in the T&C’s regarding this particular question, so I thought I’d ask the experts, AKA you folks! 😃

Thanks for you help,


(Edited for grammar.)

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Thanks @lloydsolutions, that was actually really helpful! I’m trying to stick to the rules, be a productive member of the community and not tread on any toes, so I’m probably being overly cautious in some respects. I appreciate your continued help on here!

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